Birdsong Resort, Marina & Campground

    The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) created Kentucky Lake for the purpose of controlling floods on the lower Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Since that time the priorities have expanded to generating electricity, commercial transportation and recreation. Both the states of Kentucky and Tennessee lay claim to this gigantic body of water, but more than 75% of the lake is in west Tennessee. Before the lake was formed, the Tennessee River flowed north through Tennessee into Kentucky.

     To harness this mass of water the dam was placed in Kentucky, hence the name Kentucky Lake.  This great body of water is the largest manmade lakes in the United States.  It is 185 miles long and has over 2,380 miles of shoreline. There are more than 160,000 acres of water to explore and hundreds of secluded coves with sandy beaches waiting for your enjoyment.

     Although the lake was not formed for recreational purposes, it has evolved into one of the great vacation playgrounds in the nation. A person can fish in Kentucky Lake and more than 1,000 tons of fish are taken annually from the lake by fishermen. 

     The recreational opportunities are endless whether you are the captain of your small fishing boat or saltwater bound in a 70ft Hatteras. 'Land lovers' can also enjoy the area's shopping, dining, sightseeing and camping opportunities.

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